Sunday, February 12, 2006

The impossible carriage 346A

A note on Piccadilly Line 1973 Tube Stock car numbering.

Each car has four axles labelled A, B, C, D. Each car has an A end and a D end. The couplings at the A end are different from the couplings at the D end. Cars can only couple A to D. Three cars couple to form a half train. For example, 146-546-346. 146 is the A car of the half train. 346 is the D car.

A full train would be: 146-546-346-4xx-6xx-2xx.

346 would be the third or fourth carriage from the front, depending on which way the train was going.

Which train does the physical set 166-566-366-417-617-217 belong to?

The Tubeprune informs me that:

"Unit 166-566-366 was severly damaged, 366 is probably the only possible survivor but it has no other cars to work with at this time."

Since the explosion in 311 was near the rear of the first carriage and also damaged the second carriage, there is a strong presumption that 166 belonged to train 311, the train near Russell Square.

346A is impossible and 346D cannot be the first or second carriage.

Yet the articles below refer to it.

Blue Watch relive the bomb hell inside carriage 346A

the gruesome, hellish confines of carriage 346A

Suicide bomber Jermaine Lindsay was probably two to three feet away when he detonated his device in carriage 346A but a woman sitting between them took the full impact


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