Sunday, December 11, 2005

The BBC TracketNet Animation

On 16th November 2005 the BBC broadcast 7/7: The Day The Bombs Came.

You can download it for offline viewing using the last freeware version of NetTransfer.

Image 1

Note how the number 204 is black while the number 211 is yellow.

Image 2

Note how train 204 passes a signal set at danger.

Image 3

Note how train 204 passes another signal set at danger.

Image 4

Did this really happen? No. No train other than train 204 moves. No signal changes colour. What we are seeing is an animation based on a single TrackerNet still showing train 204 at Liverpool Street platform 1. In the original still the number 204 would have been yellow but this has been erased from the still as we see it. The box with the black 204 is held in the middle of the frame while the doctored still is moved left. This gives the impression of train 204 moving down the track.

It is a fake. In war truth is the first casualty.

This is a genuine TracketNet image.